AP63800 AA (1994-1998) – $290.00+$100.00 Core Charge


12 in stock


12 in stock


High-quality remanufactured diesel injector with new solenoid for Ford 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-1998 F SERIES, E SERIES VAN, INTERNATIONAL T444E (ESN 0000500 to 460194)

Condition: Remanufactured with new solenoid

Core deposit: $100.00 each injector

Cross reference: 1480430007, 148-043-0007, 1816187, 1816187C1, 1816187C2, 1816187C3, 1818259, 1818259C2, 1821752, 1821752C1, 1821836, 1821836C1, 1821836C2, 1821836C3, 1822800, 1822800C91, 1822800C92, 1822800C93, 1822800C94, 1822800C95, 1822801, 182280199, 1822801C91, 1822801C92, 1822801C93, 1822801C94, 1822801C95, 1822801C96, 1822801C97, 1822801C98, 1822801C99, 2J203, 2J-203, 502500, 502-500, 63800, 6999PP, 6999-PP, 722501, 722-501, 991931C93, 991931C95, AP63800AA, AP63900AA, DA2251458, DE501, EX63800, EX63800AA, F12RM, F4TZ9VE527, F4TZ9VE527AARM, F4TZ-9VE527-AARM, F6TZ9E527A, F6TZ-9E527-A, F7TZ9E527, F7TZ9E527ARM, F7TZ-9E527-ARM, F81Z9E527DRM, F81Z-9E527-DRM, F81Z9E527DRMR, F81ZE527, F8TZ9E527ARM, F8TZ-9E527-ARM, F8TZ9E527DRM, F8TZ-9E527-DRM, FI12RM, FI2RM, FI-2-RM, FJ595, FJ-595, FLTFI1822801, FS1836AA, FS1836AAG, HEUIAA, HEUIAAX, PSI100

Replaces part numbers:

Motorcraft: FI-2-RM

Ford: F81Z-9E527-DRM, F4TZ-9VE527-AARM, F7TZ-9E527-ARM

International:  1816187C3, 1818259C2, 1821752C1, 1821836C3, 1822800C953, 1822801C91

Alliant Power: AP63800AA

Weight 3.5 lbs