AP63801 AB (1997-1999) – $290.00+$100.00 Core Charge


12 in stock


12 in stock


High-quality remanufactured diesel injector with new solenoid for Ford 7.3 Powerstroke 1997-1999 F SERIES, E SERIES VAN, INTERNATIONAL T444E (ESN 460195 to 843989)

Condition: Remanufactured with new solenoid

Core deposit: $100.00 each injector

For Ford F & E series, 1999 (49 State Prior 12/98), 1997-1999 (California) Powerstroke Diesel Fuel Injectors

Cross reference: 044641, 1142426R1, 1480430008, 148-043-0008, 1822803, 1822803C1, 1823561, 1823561C1, 1823757RX91, 1824582, 1824582C94, 1824583, 1824583C95, 1824583C96, 1824583C97, 1824583C98, 182458C94, 1825125, 1825125C1, 1825125C2, 1825126, 1825126C1, 1826126C1, 1833641C1, 1833647C91, 19511504D, 2803ABG, 2J204, 2J-204, 39F7N073AB, 502501, 502-501, 63801, 7000PP, 7000-PP, 7004PP, 7004-PP, 722502, 722-502, 991932C90, 991932C91, 991932C92, 991932C93AB, AP63801AB, AP63901AB, CMR1RM, CM-R1-RM, CMR2RM, CM-R2-RM, DA2251457, DA2251459, DE502, DT730002R, DT73AB, DT73AB2, DT73AB-B, EX63801, EX63801AB, EX63805AF, F61Z9VE527, F61Z9VE527BRM, F61Z-9VE527-BRM, F61Z9VE527ERM, F61Z-9VE527-ERM, F7TZ9E527, F7TZ9E527BRM, F7TZ-9E527-BRM, F81Z9E527, F81Z9E527ARM, F81Z-9E527-ARM, F81Z9E527BRM, F81Z-9E527-BRM, F81Z9E527EARM, F81Z-9E527-EARM, F8TZ9E527BRM, F8TZ-9E527-BRM, FJ596, FJ-596, FLTFI1824583, FS2803AB, FS2803ABG, HEUIAB, HEUIABX, PS1200

Replaces part numbers:

Motorcraft: CMR-1-RM

Ford: F81Z-9E527-BRM, F7TZ-9E527-BRM, F61Z-9VE527-BRM

International: 1822803C1, 1823561C1, 1824582C94, 1824583C97, 1825125C1, 1825126C1

Alliant Power: AP63801AB

Weight 3.5 lbs